Principal Sheila ki pareshani!

31 December,2010 07:14 AM IST |   |  Natasha Gupta

Students of ICSE school punished for writing Sheila ki Jawani on the blackboard

Students of ICSE school punished for writing Sheila ki Jawani on the blackboard

If setting the Indian hearts racing wasn*t enough, Sheila ki Jawani has claimed some student victims. Three boys from an ICSE school in Nalasopara are now in trouble.

According to sources, a few students of Std IX of St Aloysius High School, Nalasopara, decided to trouble their principal named Sheila by writing Sheila ki Jawani on the blackboard.

While the students did have some fun, the incident that took place a few days before the Christmas break, resulted in an inquiry into the matter.

The erring students were pulled up with their parents being summoned up for an official warning.

The school principal, Sheila Manore, however, shared an entirely different version of the incident. "They were Std X students.

The incident took place on December 21, the second last working day of the school before Christmas break. The students were outside the school teasing our gym teacher and when we learnt about it, we took action."

A student, requesting anonymity, said, "We teased our gym professor calling him Robot.

Some students from another division were also there who were later caught for teasing. They might have said Sheila ki Jawani but I don*t know about it."

Manore said, "We held an inquiry and the guilty students wrote their exams a little later than other students the next day.
If any student said or wrote Sheila ki Jawani, I am not aware of it. Our gym teacher thought it appropriate not to tell me and so I don*t know anything about it."

However, sources confirmed that the matter has been hushed up to avoid embarrassment for the school principal.

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