US, Indian farming tips for Africa

16 December,2010 07:05 AM IST |   |  Urvashi Seth

American farmers collaborate with SEWA members to form committee to help attain food security

American farmers collaborate with SEWA members to form committee to help attain food security

US President Barack Obama*s strategy to create jobs for Americans during his recently concluded visit to India has proved fruitful for the third world countries.
Obama*s intention to create employment for women farmers in America has led to the formation of a joint Indo-African-US committee of women farmers.

A discussion to the effect of helping women farmers not only in the US but also in African countries took place during Obama*s visit to India, as reported by MiD DAY (*Desi, American women to share farming tips,* November 7).

Reena Nanavaty, director of economic and rural development, Self Employed Women Association (SEWA), commented on the exchange program, which finished in Washington just 10 days back.

Commenting about the program, Nanavaty said, "It was nice to see how leading nations* women farmers work. In 10 days, we were exposed to the different farming techniques from countries such as Ghana and Malawi.

We have now formed an Indo-African-US joint committee of small farmers where we will be sharing ideas, techniques with each other to build a better system for each country."

She also added that during their exchange programme, Tom Vilsack, the head of the US agriculture department was impressed with their plans. Nanavaty revealed that US women farmers need proper direction in the field of farming.

"Though they are confident, they require self-help too. In our meeting, the top most priority was food security that needs to be created within countries. US also requires a proper distribution model which is lacking in the country."

When asked what India will gain from the initiative, she elaborated, "We do not have the proper enhanced technology that can help us to detect rainfall.

The US is very advanced in the same. If this technology is opted by Indian farmers, it will help us by leaps and bounds."

Hillary*s SEWA
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had joined hands with Ela Bhatt, founder of SEWA and formed the Global Women*s Trade Finance Council in 2007 to take the work of grassroots artisans to a global level and link them to world markets and improve the situation of women in underdeveloped and developing countries. Clinton*s association with SEWA dates back to 1995 when she met Bhatt and Reema Nanavaty of SEWA.

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