US doctors to take tips from JJ medicos

25 November,2010 07:04 AM IST |   |  Priyanka Vora

Delegates from foreign healthcare centre to learn methods used to save patients after the 26/11 attacks

Delegates from foreign healthcare centre to learn methods used to save patients after the 26/11 attacks

MEDICOS of the government-run JJ hospital, who toiled hard for over three days to save the victims of the 26/11 attacks, have attracted international attention for their ability to handle mass casualties especially considering the scale of the 26/11 attacks.

In a seminar held in Pune, JJ hospital surgeons spoke to delegates from the Centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), US about the manner in which the hospital handled the patients, which were rolled in on November 26, 2008.

"The 26/11 attack was not similar to any terror attack that Mumbai has faced in the past. The injuries in the earlier attacks were blast induced and the 26/11 ones were warfare injuries which were mostly bullet and shrapnel injuries," said Dr M B Tayade, heading the surgery department at JJ Hospital, adding that they were able to stabilise 80 per cent of the patients.

Apart from the success rate of the surgeries performed, the disaster management plan at JJ Hospital was implemented well in time disallowing any confusion. Till now, JJ doctors have made three major presentations to various international agencies for the work done during 26/11.

"The international bodies appreciated the rotational duty formula followed by us which they said was innovative and boosted efficiency among the staffers. Usually during such casualties every doctor rushes to the Operation Theater and work round the clock. But later they get tired and lose their efficiency.

So we had doctors working continuously but on different duties," said Dr G Bakshi, who was present at the various international meetings.

Dr T P Lahane, Dean of JJ hospital, said, "The reason for the success of the surgeries goes to the doctors, nurses, ward boys and technicians who worked continuously without having even a morsel of food."

Did you know?
Of the 124 injured brought in to u00a0JJ Hospital shortly after the u00a026/11 attack, the doctors u00a0managed to save 98.

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