Woman gives Rs 1 lakh supari to kill hubby

18 December,2010 08:12 AM IST |   |  Shiva Devanth

She hired contract killers to bump off her husband after catching him red-handed having sex with her daughter

She hired contract killers to bump off her husband after catching him red-handed having sex with her daughter

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A 42-year-old woman plotted and had her husband killed after she caught him red-handed in a compromising position with his stepdaughter.

Saila Khan, a resident of Trombay, had a 17-year-old daughter from her first marriage. She married Bilal Khan (45) alias Billu two years ago and the trio lived together.

Saila Khan suspected that her husband was eyeing her
17-yr-old daughter. She kept an eye on his movements
and caught him red-handed in a compromising situation

After catching her husband sleeping with her daughter, an
enraged Saila called a contract killer and give him a supari
to kill her husband

The contract killers killed Saila*s husband and dumped
his body on the highway near Mankhurd. The cops
discovered the body five days after the murder

Saila suspected that her husband had an eye on her daughter. She kept a watch on his movements and one fine day caught him red-handed having sex with her.

Enraged, she plotted to have him killed. Saila, then contacted Kamruddin Sheikh (37), with whom she was having an extra-marital affair, and roped him into the murder plan.

Together they hatched the plot and offered Rs One lakh supari to two contract killers from Uttar Pradesh to bump Billu off.

The contract killers murdered Billu and dumped his body in a gunny bag on the highway near Mankhurd.

The cops found the body with several injuries on the head and the limbs tied with a rope. When a police team reached Saila*s residence to inquire about Billu, they were in for a surprise.
Saila said that Billu had been missing since for over a week. What made the cops suspicious is that no family member had filed a missing person*s complaint.

Assistant police inspector, Haridas Kumbhare from Trombay police station said, "On December 10 we found a body of an unknown person which had severe head injuries and the limbs of the body were tied.

Only after five days of investigation we came to know that the body was of Billu, who had been missing for the past few days."

Kumbhare revealed that during the interrogation, Saila spilled the beans on the entire plot. He said, "Billu was having sex with her daughter, and that made Saila decide to kill him."
Saila revealed that she had no remorse over the murder of her husband. The police have arrested her and Kamruddin over charges of criminal conspiracy and murder.

The cops are still looking for the contract killers and a team has been dispatched to UP to hunt for them.

Woman Rs 1 lakh supari kill hubby
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