iPhone beats Barbie

30 December,2010 09:45 AM IST |   |  Agencies

Apple gadgets dominate eBay's Top Shopped list for 2010

Apple gadgets dominate eBay*s Top Shopped list for 2010

the world*s largest online marketplace eBay*s annual Top Shopped report usually offers insight into the pop culture moments and fashion trends that captivated shoppers* curiosity, and cash during the year.

In 2010, it was all about Apple, the World Cup and toys, according to eBay, which released its top-10 list today.

An iPhone shaped cookie next to a real iPhone in Aizumi, Japan. Green Gables, a small countryside bakery in western Japan, has enjoyed a surprise hit with its iPhone cookie, a chocolate biscuit decorated with colourful, edible application icons

Apple*s iPhone 4 (1,634,674 related items sold) and iPad (621,399) dominated the tech scene.
On the sporting scene, it was a buzzing plastic instrument at the World Cup in South Africa (more than 265,000 vuvuzelas sold). Classic toys like Barbie (1,178,909 related items sold) and Hot Wheels (748,140) also made a comeback.

"With more than 200 million daily live listings and a community of more than 93 million active users, eBay is uniquely positioned to take the pop culture pulse based on the millions of Marketplace purchases made each day," said Karen Bard Sayah, eBay*s Trend Expert.
"Year after year, we see the hot trends, topics and pop culture obsessions translate into online sales."

One of the biggest fashion trends this year, military jackets topped the list as the fashion obsession for 2010 with fashion fanatics buying more than 1 million related items on eBay (1,038,026 related items sold).

Top Shopped
1. iPhone 4
2. Barbie
3. Military jackets
4. Hot Wheels
5. iPad
6. World Cup
7. The Beatles
8. Silly Bandz
9. Alice in Wonderland
10. New Orleans Saints

Style Top 10
America*s *Top Shopped in Style* and Fashion Obsessions of 2010:
1. Military jackets
2. Plaid
3. 1950s
4. Neon
5. Marc Jacobs
6. Feathers
7. Faux fur
8. Tory Burch
9. Ankle boots
10. Leopard print

Apple iPhone beats Barbie eBay
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