A tale of tailored trousers...

15 May,2022 09:03 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Heena Khandelwal

With a made-to-order option, we were excited to own a pair of non-judgemental pants with pockets that are truly useful, but did they live up to our expectations?

The writer tries a pair of custom-made pants from The Pant Project. Pics/Rane Ashish

The Pant Project, which started as an online platform that makes custom-pants for men, recently extended the same service to women. As a curvy woman, whose hip-to-waist ratio doesn*t fit into the standard mould followed by most brands, this writer was quick to order a pair for herself.

The range starts at Rs 2990, and I had to choose from the handful of style options offered on the website: Stretch, chinos, linen and corduroy pants. In colours, besides the reliable white, black and khaki, there was petrol blue, rose shadow, lavender, strawberry, dark olive and others. For fabric, the choice was between cotton and poly viscose. This writer settled on a pair of cotton chinos in River Stone (essentially, a lighter shade of beige).

Now I was led to more customisations: Did I want it wide leg or tapered? High waist or mid-rise? Flat fronted, with a single pleat or crease front? Should the pockets be patched on or in a slant opening? Did I want belt loops? Even the hem can be tailored to your choice: Regular, with a slit or a turned-up hem. Having to self measure my waist, hip and required length felt like a bit of a bother. It would have been easier if you could ask for assistance virtually. Regardless, I soldiered on, placed an order and opted for COD.

Eleven days later, the pants arrived: Wide-legged, mid-rise chinos, with a flat front, button-fastening, slant pockets in the front and belt loops. The hem was regular. While they looked chic and the pockets were roomy, the major concern remained - the waist-to-hip ratio - was left unaddressed. So they fit well around the upper thighs and hips, but were very loose from the waist and tight on the crotch.

Thankfully, they have a complimentary alteration policy but the number is on their website, and not on the package, which would have been handy. After a series of message exchanges in which they requested photos of the fitting, a pick-up was initiated. The whole process took a week; a video call to understand the problem would have been far more effective and quicker.

About 10 days later, this writer received her altered pants. Thankfully, they sit well on her waist and crotch. From the looks of it, there won*t be any more back and forth.


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