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15 May,2022 09:04 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Kasturi Gadge

These cocktail kits will keep your spirits high!

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The pandemic gave rise to a ton of food and beverage businesses. Cooking kits, home chefs, healthy dips, the list is exhaustive. If you are looking to recreate signature cocktails at your home bar with the hint of sophistication, these kits are the perfect solution.

May & Co.

This artisanal syrup and shrubs brand specialises in small batches. Their products are made using locally sourced real fruits, nuts and flowers. Their current syrup list includes almond orgeat syrup, grenadine, pineapple rosemary shrub, peach shrub, hibiscus rose syrup, demerara gum syrup and fiery ginger syrup. They currently offer these in two sizes - 240ml and 480 ml - along with a sampler. Each bottle can make up to eight to 10 cocktails.
To Shop: mayandco.in


At Bartisans, they simplify the intimidating art of blending a cocktail, with unique cocktail mixers made only from natural ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches using fresh fruit juices, dried flowers, herbs and spices, their cocktail mixers will help you make bar-quality cocktails in the comforts of your own home. They add mixing instructions on the bottle along with the preferred spirits to be mixed with. Their cocktail mixer flavours include options such as tamarind and orange, ginger and spice, apple and cinnamon, spiced rose and many more.
To Shop: bartisans.in

Local Ferment Co

Started in 2019 by Akash Devaraju, Local Ferment Co. is a micro-brewery and kitchen that specialises in probiotic goods. He noticed a gap in the beverage space and wanted to add something fun. His experiments with local flavours and natural ingredients led to a selection of premium, non-alcoholic fermented beverages such as kombucha, jun, ginger beer, shrub soda, and more. To make these kits appealing, they craft their shrubs using fresh fruits, berries, foraged herbs and more. Their Zero Per Cent Cocktail Kits have other ferments and their cocktail mixers can be used with rum, gin, wine and beer. Their zero-proof drinks kit is perfect for teetotallers.
To Shop: localfermentco.in


Co-Founded by mixologist Sharan Kutty and graphic designer Errol Crasta in 2020, Ōtanē*s focus was to elevate and enhance the home experience of cocktail making. This gave birth to their infusion kits, which are heavily influenced by Indian culture. The infusion kit contains a handcrafted bottle with freshly prepared mix, strainer, tasting card and card with instructions on how to make that particular cocktail.
To Shop: @otane.in, Instagram

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