40-foot dead blue whale washes ashore near Mumbai coast

Jun 25, 2015, 15:30 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

A 40-feet dead blue whale washed ashore near the coast of Revas in Raigad district of Maharashtra, barely two months after a couple of dolphins washed ashore at Marine Drive

A 40-feet dead whale washed ashore near the coast of Revas in Raigad district in Maharashtra. Forest department officials claim that the whale may have got stranded in shallow water and later died; the carcass was later buried near the coast.

Authorities bring in an excavator to lift the blue whale carcass and bury it. 

Local gather to catach a glimpse of the blue whale.  

Another dead whale was found at the Uran coast around two months ago. Several marine creatures including dolphins have been found dead around the Mumbai coast in the recent past.

Authorities dig a grave to bury the blue whale.  

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Local fishermen and bystanders crowd around the blue whale.  

The female Blue Whale, the world’s largest animal, washed up on the beach on Wednesday morning and despite efforts to move the 20-tonne marine mammal by locals and authorities, the whale died ashore around on Thursday morning.

Recently, blue whales were spotted by researchers along the Sindhudurg coast of Maharashtra in the first such sighting in 100 years.

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