Women's Day: 5 Mumbai women pick a superpower they would like to have

Mar 08, 2016, 08:28 IST | Suprita Mitter and Dhara Vora

Super woman. Super mum. Super girl. This Women's Day, we ask five Mumbai women to pick a super power they would like to have

Manjula Chheda 65 +, business woman
Manjula Chheda

I wish I had the power to bring equality between men and women. These days, women work in all fields and do a great job. They need better recognition.

Devyani Bhattacharya 40, voice-over artiste
Devyani Bhattacharya
I would want the power to change people’s thinking and outlook. I would wish to change the way people look at women. So, if I sense something is wrong, I can change the thought before a negative outcome. This way, I can bring more smiles, love and peace into people’s lives. By changing people’s thoughts, I will be able to make them appreciate and believe in love.

Riya Chakravarty 21, student
Riya Chakravarty
Telepathic manipulation — through my supernatural skills, I would communicate and try and show people the actuality behind animal cruelty. I would want to help end all wars between nations, states and mankind. Most of all, I would want to help individuals end wars they fight within and move them to a path of spiritual evolution which is crucial to our existence.

Priya Shah 30, PR professional
Priya Shah
I wish I could be at multiple places at once, just like Hermoine (in the Harry Potter book series). With having to juggle work, social life and duties at home, it would help to not only multitask but also multitask at multiple places. When I moved cities I had to study, do house work and handle a job. It would be nice to be at home with my family and work in another city all at once.

Kavita Sabhnani 50, homemaker
Kavita Sabhnani
I wish I had the power to put anyone on mute mode. I think many unnecessary conversations lead to arguments which can be avoided by staying quiet or by making someone shut up. This would lead to peace in the political and domestic front.

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