5 websites to buy second hand books

Jun 15, 2015, 07:41 IST | Aditi Chordia

As schools and colleges start a new academic year, buy second hand textbooks online at cheaper rates across a wide range and good quality

As the new academic year begins, and the rush among students to buy fresh sets of textbooks increase, chances are that you might miss the bus to find the right titles, in time for your first lecture. Worse, you might end up buying new books, and give it away to the scrap dealer at the end of the year. To put an end to such a cycle, and to promote a healthy exchange of knowledge, many online second hand book portals are doing their bit. Such portals allow you to buy second hand books at cheaper rates (almost half of the MRP). Likewise, few portals give you the option to sell books, as well as earn a few bucks. These titles range from academic textbooks to fiction and non-fiction books.


The guide picks:
1) Bucketbolt: This online portal allows all the students to buy and sell new or old used academic textbooks with a buyback guarantee and an offer of up to 60% money back on return of books at the end of the year. They deal in academic textbooks and deliver only in Mumbai at the moment.
LOG ON TO www.bucketbolt.com

2) Madbooks.com: The portal allows sale and purchase of books online and ships all over India. They stock all kinds of books and offer free home delivery. They only accept credit mode of payment.

3) Second hand books India: They list novels, children’s titles and general management books. They do not stock academic textbooks. The portal delivers throughout India and offers cash on delivery as well as credit as their mode of payment.
Log on to: www.secondhandbooksindia.com

4) Friends of Books: They follow a slightly different concept as they work as a lending library. You rent the book according to a subscription plan that could be for a month or year, depending on what plan you take. After the book is rented, it can be returned while another set of books can be ordered depending on the subscription pack. They deliver throughout India; delivery in Delhi/NCR region is free. They stock all genres of books.
Log on to: www.friendsofbooks.com

5) Kitaabi: They allow sale and purchase of all kinds of books. The delivery is free but it is confined to Mumbai at the moment. They allow only cash on delivery as their method of payment.
Log on to: kitaabi.in

How Kitaabi took shape

We wanted to make books more accessible and cheaper for book lovers. We purchase books from suppliers of secondhand books and put it up for sale at subsidized price on our Website. Thus, we’re trying to transform it into an organized sector. There are very few web portals that operate with a common idea but its catching on. In future, we will shift to a different business model that won’t involve money. It will become a platform for exchanging books without involving any monetary transaction. People can give away books for free or exchange them with the other users depending on needs. It will be a barter system that we aim at creating in future.
— Vir Bhan Saini, Kitaabi, co-founder

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