64-yr-old gets her stolen chain after three months

Jul 09, 2013, 01:38 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Months after MiD DAY reported about how the cops scared an elderly couple of 'legal hassles and harassments' when they went to lodge a complaint, they caught the chain snatcher and handed over the stolen chain that was converted into a lump of gold

Three months after MiD DAY published a story (‘Dear Mr CP, look how your cops treat elderly victims’, April 5) on how officials of the MHB police station had refused to lodge a chain-snatching complaint by an elderly couple and scared them with legal hassles and harassments, 64-year-old Sushila Agarwal finally got her chain back but in the form of a lump. 

Chain snatcher Mohammed Momid
In police net: Chain snatcher Mohammed Momid

Agarwal said she had forgotten about the matter completely, but it struck her during a random conversation with her friend. The two then decided to go to the police station. However, they returned without checking with the officials, as they were clueless about what and with whom to check.

Click to view: Dear Mr CP, look how your cops treat elderly victims
MiD DAY report on April 5

A few days later, Agarwal’s husband Ramesh called at the police station to check on the progress and was surprised to hear that the culprit was arrested and officials wanted him to come to the police station for identification.

Ramesh informed the police that since the chain snatcher was wearing a helmet during the time of the theft, it would be impossible for him to recognise the culprit.

Insisting that Ramesh should come to the police station, officials told him that the accused had confessed to the crime during interrogation. So the Agarwals went to the police station and collected Sushila’s chain weighing eight grams, but in the form of a lump.

Ramesh said, “We didn’t expect that we will get the chain back. But the only reason we got it even after three months is because MiD DAY reported about the chain-snatching incident. A lot of people get robbed, but they don’t report it thinking that the police won’t help them and they wont get their chains back. Initially when we went to the police station, officials didn’t entertain us despite being senior citizens. It’s only when this newspaper took the initiative of reporting the incident, the investigation was taken seriously.”

Sandesh Palande of the MHB police station said, “When they first came to report that crime, I was busy and couldn’t help them but I was closely following the case. The vehicle number that was given to us by Sushila Agarwal was spotted in the area and we chased the rider for nearly 2 km. The culprit’s name is Mohammed Momid (32). Though it was tough interrogating him, Momid finally confessed to the crime.”

Officials also recovered three chains and three alcohol bottles and an extra t-shirt, which he would change into after committing the crime. Momid is also known for stealing bikes despite owning his own furniture shop. Momid said he did it to make extra money. 

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