A candid chat with DJ Armin Van Buuren

Jan 24, 2014, 10:48 IST | Dhara Vora

EDM fans can rejoice as World No 2 DJ Armin Van Buuren is back in the city with his new hit track, This is What it Feels Like, and will perform in a concert unlike any before

An Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concert would usually have a DJ manning the deck with thousands of fans dancing around him. Skipping the usual routine, Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren — who enthralled the city with his A State of Trance concert last summer — will be performing in a way that’s never been seen before. Performing with several other artistes, from dancers to vocalists, the concert forms a part of Buuren’s Intense tour. Here’s the lowdown:

Vocalist Trevor Guthrie and (Right) DJ Armin Van Buuren. Pic/AFP

The last time when you were here, you were just about to release Intense. How has the response been to the album?
The response to Intense has been phenomenal. I always look forward to giving my fans something different and Intense has beautiful intricate fusions to give them newer and fresher sounds.

You have shifted to a lot more sub-styles of EDM than just Trance…
Trance is where my heart has been for so many years. But I also like to explore new
production techniques. I think my fans should start worrying if there’s no progression or

What prompted you to include live acts along with your set?
The concept of Armin Only was to give the crowds something that they’ve never experienced before. Teaming up EDM with live musicians playing the piano, guitar, violin and other instruments, is a brand new concept and is something that can only be experienced, not heard. Alda has put together a phenomenal concept that ties in Electronic music with live performances. The crowd is in for a real theatrical experience!

Are there any challenges of touring with multiple artistes?
I’d say more the merrier! I absolutely love travelling with multiple artistes. It’s important to get in sync through your music as well as on a
personal level.

Do you think such changes are necessary to keep up with the competition and stand out?
Music, for me, has always been a journey. Playing with live musicians is definitely something different, but it’s the overall experience with the music that will do the talking.

ON Today, 5 pm; AT NSCI, Worli. LOG ON TO www.sunburn.in

Vocalists' list

The list of vocalists includes Trevor Guthrie (This is What it Feels Like), Richard Bedford (who has lent his voice to several hit tracks such as Sun and Moon by Above & Beyond), Fiora Cutler, Cindy Alma and Lauren Evans, who plan to create an Electronic opera in the city as part of the Sunburn Arena.

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