A few Hollywood celebs go that extra mile to reach out to fans

Mar 08, 2015, 07:45 IST | Nikshubha Garg

While some prefer to stay aloof and away from the fan frenzy, others have been more than generous in acknowledging and reaching out to their followers

Celebrities and fans share a symbiotic relationship. But there are some celebs who prefer to stay aloof and away from the fan frenzy, while others have been more than generous in acknowledging and reaching out to their followers. On March 1, Harry Styles sent a heartwarming video saying 'I love you' to a fan battling leukaemia. The 21-year-old filmed the video for the New Jersey high school girl telling her how much he admired her bravery. "I've heard you're a little bit of a fan, and I just wanted to let you know that I am a massive, massive fan of yours. I've heard all about you, and know that you're very, very brave. I just wanted to send you all the love from me. I'm thinking about you and hopefully I'll get to see you soon. Take care. All the love. I love you. Bye." This isn't the first incident when a celebrity made that extra effort to reciprocate their fans' love. We point out a few more cases:

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce singing with the teenager Sophie Kotki at the concert. Inset: Byeonce Knowles
The singer singled out a 13-year-old visually challenged girl, Sophie Kotki, in front of thousands of screaming fans during her concert and asked the beaming teenager to join her in singing the hit track Irreplacable. The fan's elder sister, Ellie Kotkis, had apparently organised the special day for Sophie months in advance. "She's never really been able to go to a concert due to logistical reasons, but I just think someone as amazing as Sophie deserves to meet someone as amazing as you (Beyoncé)," the sister said.

Jon Bon Jovi
The singer walking Branka Delic down the aisle. Inset: Jon Bon Jovi
In early 2013, a huge fan of the musician, Branka Delic, started an online petition asking the 51-year-old to participate in her wedding in Las Vegas as he was supposed to be in town for a performance the same weekend. She wrote, "We're living on a prayer and we want you to come lay your hands on me and walk me down the aisle!" Little did she know that Bon Jovi will actually make her wedding day dream come true — not only did he come, he also walked Delic down the aisle.

Taylor Swift
The fan Rebekah Bortniker shows the necklace that Swift gifted her. Inset: Taylor Swift
She is probably one of the few celebrities known to return the love of her fans. On January 14 this year, she sent a surprise gift package to her fan, Rebekah Bortniker, which included a necklace that the singer wore, a hand-painted art piece and a cheque of $1989 to help pay off her student loan. If this wasn't 'kind' enough, the singer comforted a heartbroken fan with friendly advice and a playlist that she claimed would help her move on. Awwww.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp hugs Batrice Delap at the Meridian Primary School in London.  Inset: Johnny Depp
When a nine-year-old schoolgirl, Batrice Delap wrote to the Pirates of the Carribean actor, asking him to come to her school to help the students stage a 'mutiny' against the teachers, he couldn't help but oblige. Dressed as Jack Sparrow, with a couple of other actors in tow, he went to Meridian Primary School, London to meet Delap. The actor spent 15 minutes in the girl's classroom, dancing and performing and convinced her against the 'mutiny'.

Ed Sheeran
In this Facebook picture, Ed Sheeran poses with Katie Papworth with the ring. Inset: Ed Sheeran
The pop singer was the perfect gentleman when, in 2012, he sang at the bedside of a fan, Abigail Fleming, who was suffering from bone cancer. In another incident, in November 2014, Sheeran met a 19-year-old brain cancer patient, Katie Papworth, and accepted her marriage proposal with a ring. Not only that, he signed one of her artworks saying, "Katie, lovely to finally meet my wife."

Justin Timberlake
Justin helped his fan propose to his girlfriend on stage. Inset: Justin Timberlake
There are various reasons for star shows/ concerts coming to a grinding halt, but this time when Timberlake's did, the reason was special. In December 2013, the singer put his ongoing show in Louisville on hold to help a diehard fan ask his girlfriend's hand in marriage in front of the entire audience. He even posted the video of the proposal on his Twitter account.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie poses for a selfie with the fan. Inset: Angelina Jolie
Sometimes it takes something as little as a selfie to make a fan's day. Take this incident for instance: As Jolie was about to make an appearance on a TV show, she spotted a fan waiting outside the venue who was seemingly having a panic attack. The actress made her way towards this young woman, wiped her tears and comforted her. The Maleficent star then signed a magazine that the girl was holding and posed for selfies with her.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale with four-year-old Jayden Barber. Inset: Christian Bale
In true superhero style, the actor flew down four-year-old Jayden Barber, who was suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome leukemia, and his family to Disneyland as Barber's dying wish was to meet Batman and spend an entire day with them. There, the boy asked him, "Can I help you beat up bad guys?" Well, there were no bad guys to beat but the meeting definitely did some good to him. Shortly after, the parents were informed that Barber's cancer has gone into remission!

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