A match made in fashion heaven

Jul 25, 2014, 09:06 IST | Dhara Vora

Indian textiles, funky prints and employment of local craftsmen. There’s nothing to not like about this new fashion label, Jodi

Dreamy clouds floating on lusciously coloured skirts, vintage embroidered pieces from Kutch finding partners with a boyish jersey-style shirt. New fashion label Jodi, does all this and a lot more.

The brainchild of stylists and ex-magazine colleagues Karuna Laungani and Gauri Verma, Jodi mixes the whimical with the chic with its intelligent use of handblock prints and western silhouettes that are mostly androgynous, with a touch of girly fun.

The owners call the brand as being geographically secular as they have been developed in Pune and Vishakhapatnam and produced in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The brand started out due to their mutual love for Indian crafts and true to their ideology, they use 100% natural Indian textiles.

While we love their play of colours, what we found most endearing was their play with prints and motifs such as clouds, elephants, botanical prints and fishes.

These take a detour from cliched quirkiness and are amusing at the same time. Their shorts and shift dresses are what we are aching to buy right now.

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