Alec Baldwin drops trousers on chat show

Jun 22, 2012, 09:41 IST | PTI

'30 Rock' star Alec Baldwin dropped his trousers on a TV show to play down his altercation with a photographer

The 54-year-old actor took off his trousers to prove that he had lost weight. Host David Letterman then followed the act by dropping his own pants, which was greeted with audible cheers from audience.

Alec Baldwin.Pic/AFP

Baldwin allegedly pushed and shoved snapper Marcus Santos in New York when he was leaving the City Marriage License Bureau with fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

The actor has also been accused of rolling his mountain bike over a TV reporter's foot outside his East Village apartment following the first incident and he is then said to have used his handlebars to knock the Inside Edition journalist aside when she questioned him about his altercation with Marcus. 

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