All calm at Diva railway station after mob frenzy

Jan 04, 2015, 07:35 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

A day after services at the CR were thrown into a tizzy, security personnel are deployed at the station, damaged railway property under restoration

A day after the frenzy of delayed services on the Central Railways (CR), life was back on track at Diva on Saturday. More than 50 security officials from RPF, GRP and the local police station were deployed at the station. Rail passengers were back to their routine and railway property which was damaged by the mobs was partially restored. The counters and the stationmaster’s cabin were refurbished.

On Friday, passengers blocked a train at Diva. PIC/SAMEER MARKANDE
On Friday, passengers blocked a train at Diva. PIC/SAMEER MARKANDE 

K Jayram, a shoe polisher at Diva Junction, said, "On Friday, I left all my belongings and hid for shelter when trouble began here. But, I have to earn, so I am back to work today.”

Venu P Nair, general secretary of the National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU), CR, who inspected the site on Saturday, said, “The rakes incorporated German technology so their repair work will take time.”

Pravin Bhuvad, a regular commuter, said, “I couldn’t go to work on Friday because of the riots. Residents staying beyond Thane do not have road connectivity to their rescue and depend entirely on the railway to commute.”

The CR suffered a loss of R1.5 crore, and R1.17 lakh was reported stolen.

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