Andheri shootout: Sandeep Gadoli was shot in the back, reveals SIT probe

Feb 27, 2016, 08:30 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe has blown a hole in the Gurgaon police's theory that they were forced to shoot Haryana gangster Sandeep Gadoli as he had opened fire at them

One of the three bullets that killed Gurgaon gangster Sandeep Gadoli had entered from his back and pierced its way through his chest, reveal investigations that have now blown a hole in the Gurgaon police’s theory that they were forced to shoot because Gadoli opened fire on them. This was revealed in a new medical report which also states that Gadoli received a blunt trauma injury at the back of his neck, where he may been rammed with a pistol butt.

Gurgaon gangster Sandeep Gadoli was shot three times twice in the abdomen and once in the back. File pic
Gurgaon gangster Sandeep Gadoli was shot three times twice in the abdomen and once in the back. File pic

Gadoli, wanted in 36 serious criminal cases, was gunned down on February 7 by a team of eight Gurgaon cops who had tracked him to an Andheri hotel. Gadoli died after receiving three bullet injuries. However, an inquiry was launched into the encounter after several loopholes emerged in the Gurgaon police’s version of events. After this, an SIT (Special Investigation Team) was formed upon orders from Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar.

According to statements by the Gurgaon police, they had only gone to arrest Gadoli, but he opened fire on them when they entered his hotel room, and they were forced to retaliate. However, a Mumbai Crime Branch source said, “The medical report is totally different from what the Gurgaon cops claim. One bullet hit Gadoli on the left side of his abdomen while second hit the right side. It is the third bullet that is highly suspicious as it entered Gadoli’s back and emerged from the lower chest. If it was an encounter, it would not have been possible for a bullet to hit him from behind. There is also a mark from a pistol butt on the back of Gadoli’s neck.”

The Gurgaon cops have been in Mumbai since the February 7 encounter, and will remain here while the inquiry is on. “Such are the outcomes in the investigation, that soon a case may be registered against them and they may be arrested. It seems the Gurgaon cops will have to stay in Mumbai for a much longer time,” said an officer, who added that there are suspicions that Gadoli may have been captured first, physically assaulted and then murdered.

The sources added that by the time Mumbai Police reached the encounter spot, Gadoli’s body was on the bed. Since he was hit in the back, he should have fallen face forward, but the Mumbai cops observed he was lying on his back.

Sources also said that a few foreign weapons had been recovered. A police officer said, “The Gurgaon cops claimed that they belonged to Gadoli, but people who were with Gadoli claim he was not carrying any weapons at the time.”

Past discrepancies
mid-day had earlier carried a series of reports on the loopholes in the encounter theory. Sources had said that a CCTV camera caught the Gurgaon cops firing at Gadoli and then throwing a pistol towards his body, which suggests the gangster may have been unarmed during the shootout. The sole witness in the room — Gadoli’s girlfriend — has changed her statement several times about whether he had a firearm or not. Gadoli’s family alleged that the Gurgaon cops were paid to kill him by a rival gangster and investigators later found that the team was indeed in constant touch with Gadoli’s arch nemesis.

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