Anna, come join us, says BJP leader

Aug 04, 2012, 06:44 IST | Varun Singh

Mumbai chief Raj Purohit extends invitation to Anna Hazare saying that as Team Anna and the BJP have the same goals, it would 'make sense' for him to join hands with the saffron party

Even as Anna Hazare and his team mull over their future movements concerning floating a political party, BJP city chief Raj Purohit made an offer to the anti-graft crusader to join the party.

Speaking on the issue, Purohit said, “Instead of Anna Hazare forming his own party and getting into all the legalities and technicalities, he should join the BJP. He is a huge personality and his fight against corruption is respected in our party.”

Joining hands: BJP city chief Raj Purohit (above) wants Anna to join the BJP, as they both have the same dreams to fight against the rampant corruption in the country. 

Same goals
According to Purohit, Team Anna and the Opposition in the parliament are fighting for the same ideals and hence, it only makes sense that the two join hands and fight the corruption in the government together. “Anna is fighting for a strong Lokpal, which the BJP is doing too.

Similarly, we fight the high-level of corruption that is rampant in the government and so does Anna. Both our dreams are same, so it makes sense that he joins us,” added the city chief.

However, Purohit made it very clear that he wasn’t welcoming Anna but simply making a suggestion, as it was not his call but ‘the party president’s call to make’. Commenting on the same, BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “We are not suggesting anything to Anna.

This is a democracy and everyone has the right to fight for their rights. We welcome Anna’s choice of forming a political party.”

Standing alone
Meanwhile, Anna’s camp has ruled out any form of merger with the BJP.

Mayank Gandhi, the coordinator for IAC in Mumbai said, “We have seen all the political parties for 64 years and no one has done anything for the country. There is no question of us aligning with any political party. We will stand alone and fight alone.” 

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