Are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez going their separate paths?

Mar 15, 2014, 11:19 IST | Agencies

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are said to be drifting apart 

Are Halle Berry, 47, and Olivier Martinez, 48, going down a rocky path? The couple, who haven’t been spotted together since December, are reportedly living separate lives due to their super busy work schedules.

While Olivier is working on the film Revenge as a guest star, Halle is in Los Angeles shooting Extant, a new TV series. Their hectic work schedules have adversely affected their relationship, sources tell a Hollywood news website.

Halle Berry married Olivier Martinez following a 17-month-long engagement. Pic/AFP

After the Oscars, Halle attended the Fame and Philanthropy post-Oscars gala and not only was Olivier missing at the event, but Halle wasn’t sporting her wedding ring either.

At the gala, Halle revealed that she was extremely busy. “I’m working on a television show now, so I’m juggling working and being a mom and breast feeding while I’m working,” she told People at the event. “It’s a whole new life for me now all over again, having a new little baby again.”

The couple, who had been married for nine months now, had their first child together, Maceo, in October.

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