Babus offer 10 ideas to curb corruption, but don't want to declare their assets

Oct 05, 2011, 09:13 IST | Ravikiran Deshmukh

Officers feel information of their personal assets and properties may be used as a tool to harass them

Officers feel information of their personal assets and properties may be used as a tool to harass them
Maharashtra State Gazetted Officers' Federation, a federal body of over 1 lakh senior state government officers, has suggested a 10-point programme to effectively root out corruption and improve work culture in government offices. However, the babus don't want to reveal data of their assets and properties on a website.
While they welcome the move, they allege that information of their assets on a website will be used as tool to harass them. According to the federation, the state will have to create a mechanism to address redressal of complaints against them, which is time consuming.

However, the aim of the programme is to promptly redress the grievance of the common man, they say. It suggests that in order to let the common man get a better understanding of age-old acts and rules, the set of laws should be simplified.

G D Kulthe, secretary general of the federation said, "Workshops to improve work culture will be organised in districts at the earliest. Noted social crusader Anna Hazare will be invited to address at least one such workshop. The Chief Minister, who said that a corruption-free government was the responsibility of all of them, has also appreciated our endeavor."

Importantly, the federation has suggested that ministers and senior babus should display the starting date of a file being signed and how long a particular file was delayed and at whose level.

Also the file should not be delayed by putting remarks such as 'discuss the matter' etc. As a number of posts lie vacant, the government should relax the condition that says an official should have three years of experience on a post before he is considered for next promotion.

10-point improvement programme
>> Speedy clearance of files at government offices
>> Vacancies to be filled in a phased manner
>> Age old acts to be amended and simplified
>> Number of files to be restricted
>> Citizens' charter to be prepared and displayed in govt offices
>> No delay in implementation of Govt offices act 2006
>> Date and time of file received
>> All discrepancies and suggestions should be in writing
>> Relax conditions for promotion
>> Decentralisation of powers to transfer govt officers

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