Bar brawl at pub leaves five injured, one with a cracked skull

Jul 07, 2017, 11:30 IST | Suraj Ojha

The accused were coming on strongly on one of the female patrons and were removed from the premises by the management; they avenged by beating up her group

The scene outside the pub
The scene outside the pub

A group of nine law students – six girls and three boys – went to the Local Gastro Bar in Pune for a fun night of Bollywood dancing. Instead, it turned into a Bollywood brawl with four ending up with serious injuries, one of them in ICU with a damaged skull. The fight broke out over one of the girls being harangued by a man with a coterie along with him, and when they were finally kicked out of the pub, was offended at the insult. Late at night, three of the aggressors were arrested by the Mandhwa police following the filing of an FIR under relevant sections of the IPC.

The injured Shantanu Roy
The injured Shantanu Roy

Harassed continuously
The gang of nine has gone to the pub to party when one of the girls was approached by a man from another group partying there. He was allegedly being over-friendly and even attempted to touch her back. At the time, they asked him to back off and went about their business. "I was uncomfortable by his advances so asked my friend to swap places with me. Later, when we were going to the washroom, two of the guys accompanied us just to be safe and we saw them again follow us there. That's when we complained to the staff, who then had them removed from the premises," said one of the girls, injured in the brawl. She added, "They were angry and waiting for us outside the bar till around 1.30 pm. As soon as we came out, a group of 4-5 attacked us as started hitting with stone and belts. There was no bouncer in sight to help us out."

Shantanu Roy, 23, told mid-day, "My friend Parth's scalp was hurt and one of them even bit my neck. Vyas is admitted to Kolambiya Hospital, but the other two girls were sent home after administering them first aid."

Parth Vyas
Parth Vyas

No cop help
Meanwhile, Rohit Vyas, father of Parth Vyas, who is in the ICU, said, "When my son called 100 for help, one cop showed up and told him to first go get treated and later come to the police station for a statement. My injured son had to drive the car himself to a hospital."

A Mandhwa police official said, "We have arrested three of the accused and registered the FIR under sections 326, 354, 506, 323, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. Further investigations are underway."

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