Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies says India is home to largest number of EDM fans

Nov 11, 2017, 12:38 IST | Aastha Atray Banan

World's top DJ Lost Frequencies aka as Felix De Laet is in town, says India is home to largest number of EDM fans

When we meet Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies, aka as Felix De Laet, we find him tucking into a plateful of tandoori chicken next to the Gateway Of India in Colaba.

Best known for the songs, Are You With Me and Here With You, Laet has been brought down by Brussels Airlines for a show to promote the music festival, Tomorrowland.

The DJ, who toured India last year with fellow electronica wizard Martin Garrix, says India has the largest number of EDM fans.

"I came last year for the first time, and people were singing along. The dance music culture is big in India. We all love coming here," says the lanky 23-year-old.

Laet also serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians around the world. He is a self-taught musician, who used YouTube tutorials.

"But just keep one thing in mind. Don’t try and be someone else. You will make trendy music and get popular for a while, but eventually you won’t like your own music. People who come and watch you will soon realise it. So always start by doing your own thing."

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