Bhau Rangari Ganapati temple

Sep 04, 2013, 07:16 IST | Anup Satphale

The Wada that houses the Bhau Rangari Ganpati temple was built around 1860 and was the residence of the royal Ayurvedic doctor (Rajvaidya) Bhau Laxman Javale.

 Javale started treating patients for free at the Wada.

Bhau Rangari Ganpati temple. Pics/Sachin Thakare 

He was so acclaimed that Ayurvedic doctors from various states used to come and visit him. “The Wada is specially known for the origin of the Ganesh festival. It is claimed that various saints used to visit the Wada in past to have a spiritual conversation,” says historian Mohan Shete. Since Javale’s traditional family business was to dye sarees, he would pursue his traditional calling along with his medical profession. It led to him being called by the name of Bhau Rangari.

The venue hosted the first Ganpati festival

The Ganesh festival was also started publicly by Javale, hence the Ganpati festival celebrations here are called as Bhau Rangari Ganpati. The Wada was also used by freedom fighters to hide while they were underground.

The structure was made accordingly and various paths and rooms were built underground. Over the passage of time, the paths and the rooms vanished. The Wada was also the site where plans for the freedom movement were conceptualised by leaders such as Lokmanya Tilak, Balwant Ramchandra Natu and Narsinha Chintamani Kelkar.

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