'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra

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On Day 73 of Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om stoops to a new low as he assaults Rohan. Find out more about Swami Om's 'toofany' antics that are causing havoc in the lives of the housemates

 'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra
(Fromn left to right): Manveer, Lopa, Manu and Nitibha

Even before the contestants rise and shine, early bird Swami Om starts the day by having a unique conversation with Bigg Boss through the camera. After misleading the contestants for two days, Swami Om finally admits that he wants to become the captain and requests Bigg Boss to directly declare him as the new captain of the house.

Welcoming the second day of the 'Toofan' task, the contestants wake up to the song ‘Mast baharon ka main aashiq’. Soon after, another 'Toofan' strikes the house and the contestants rush inside the igloo. The last one to enter the igloo is Bani and she gets disqualified from the task. Later, Swami Om once again parks himself at the entrance of the igloo and attempts to mislead everyone.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra 
Participants during the 'Toofan' task 

After being disqualified from the task, Bani tells Manveer that she wants him to become the captain. She sjokes that she would nominate him if he fails to win. On the other hand, Manveer feels that Manu is losing interest in the task and confronts him about it. Manveer tells Manu that he wants him to get a grip and show some fighting spirit.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra 
Rohan gets into a heated argument with Swami Om  

Later in the day, Rohan once again gets into an argument with Swami Om. Gaurav interferes and asks Swami Om to quit playing dirty games. At the same time, Bani and Gaurav also have a argument over food after which Bani refuses to eat along with Gaurav. He tries to give an explanation but Bani walks off.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra 
Bani and Gaurav Chopra 

After being patient for a while, Bigg Boss asks Lopa to draw a border around the igloo’s entrance and asks the contestants to stand beyond it. As the day progresses, the fifth storm shakes up the house and a conflict arises as to who between Lopa and Swami Om entered the igloo last. While Lopa claims that she entered before everyone and reached the igloo first, Swami Om dismisses her claims and says that he entered first. Finally, Bigg Boss steps in to clear the air and disqualifies Swami Om from the task. Blaming Bigg Boss for taking an unfair decision, Swami Om goes on a rant and demands justice.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra

Bigg Boss participants during the 'toofan' task

The sixth storm drives Lopa out of the game, making the Manveer, Rohan and Manu the top three contenders for captaincy. In order to give Manu a birthday gift, Manveer tells him that he is planning to back out from the task so that he can take a spot alongside Rohan in the captaincy task. Just when the last storm is about to hit, Swami Om decides to sit near the entrance of the igloo to watch the final run. However, to everyone’s surprise, Swami Om plays a dirty game and strangles Rohan when he is about to enter the igloo during the final storm. However, he manages to get in along with Manveer. Onlookers Lopa and Gaurav are shocked to see this and lash out at Swami Om for sabotaging the entire task.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra
Housemates get annoyed with Swami Om

Swami Om hides under the blanket but Lopa, Rohan and Gaurav confront him and make him realise that he has committed a huge mistake and that his actions could have turned fatal for someone in the process. Before the light goes off, the housemates celebrate Manu’s birthday by cutting a cake sent by his girlfriend Piku.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 73: 'Troublemaker' Swami Om tries to strangle Rohan Mehra 
Housemates celebrate Manu's birthday 

Watch the fight between Rohan and Swami Om here:

Watch how housemates get furious over Swami Om:

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