Bigg Boss 12 wild card entrant Surbhi Rana: Khan sisters do unnecessary drama

Updated: Oct 01, 2018, 18:47 IST | Gayatri Nirmal

In an exclusive interaction with mid-day online, wild card contestant of Bigg Boss 12, Surbhi Rana interacted about being upfront and disliking fake people in the house

Bigg Boss 12 wild card entrant Surbhi Rana: Khan sisters do unnecessary drama
Surbhi Rana. Picture Courtesy: Instagram/surbhirana_official

With the twists and turns in the Bigg Boss 12 house, the show has become a  hot-bed of fodder. Week two saw the elimination of pair – Roshni Banik and Kriti Verma. While Nirmal Singh also had to leave behind his partner Romil Choudhary, and pack his bag home solo. The other twist is that the reality show also has a wild card entrant. The entrant is none other than Roadies contestant, Surbhi Rane, who had earlier entered Bigg Boss 12 in a pair only to get evicted on day one. From talking about re-entering the house, her strategy to stay in the house and her competitor, Surbhi reveals everything in an exclusive  conversation with mid-day online.

After being in the outhouse for a day and then being eliminated. How does it feel to re-enter the Bigg Boss 12 house once again?
It feels amazing. When I got evicted on the very first day, I wast' sad but a little disappointed because somewhere I believed in myself. But, when I got evicted I kept my belief and I am back with a bang!

After the elimination round, did you have any faint idea of you being back on the show?
No. There wasn't any hint given from the production house. But yes, that hope within me told that it's going to happen.This year, maybe next year, but it's happening. I think I believed in myself too strongly that it's (entering the Bigg Boss house) happening too soon.

Being a roadie, do you think you'll have an upper hand over other commoner contestants?
I won't say no because I have already done one reality show. I do have a little bit idea of mind-games. How people talk and behave in the game. So, I won't say no. Bigg Boss is an entirely different show, Roadies is all about physical strength and this is more about mind-games. In Bigg Boss, you have to continuosly be active. Ones mind should be fresh and active all the time. So, yes, I will have little bit of an upper hand but not much.

Now that you've got a second chance, what are your strategies to stay in the house for a longer time?
I was watching the show as a viewer till now. But since I'm going inside the house like a contestant and competitor, I'm going to interact with everybody and then strategise myself. But for now honesty is my policy. And, I am a very spontaneous person and a very truthful person, so, let's hope for the best.       

Like you said, you have been following the show, who do you think would be your competitors?
Deepak Thakur. He is a very strong headed and a funny person. He has his own opinion and he stands for it. I really like Deepak as a viewer and also as a contendor and competitor. He is very honest and I like such people.

Whose attitude you dont't like in the house?
I don't like the Khan sisters attitude. Sometimes they fight on unneccesary things. I think they just want the camera on them. I think they do unneccesary drama, which a person like me doesn't likes. There should be a valid point behind every fight.

And who do you think is playing the safest in the house?
I think everybody is playing safe. They fight and then become friends in half an hour because they are afraid that if they keep the fight on, they might get nominated. They are playing pretty safe, which should not be the attitude in the Bigg Boss house. The house is all about showing your real side, and I will show my real side in the house.

You had earlier entered the house in a pair, and now you are making a solo entry. Are you happy about it or you wanted a partner?
I am happy both the ways. Going solo is much better because I'll be having only my responsibilties. I like and strategise my game.I'll keep the secrets to myself only. When you go in as a jodi, you have to share your opinions, and sometimes it doesn't match with your fellow person. So, yes, going solo is better because my game will be my game , I don't have to share it with someone else.       

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