Bigg Boss 9 Day 11: Aman and Kishwer 'fight' for captaincy task

Oct 23, 2015, 08:02 IST | A Correspondent

Since Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchantt won the luxury budget task, they will now compete for captaincy and a game of tug-of-war will decide the captain

With the song Meri Marzi waking the house mates out of deep and much needed slumber, it set the mood to own their freedom in the house for the day. Taking the wake up song seriously, Yuvika asks Rimi if they should work at all. Lazily conversing, Rimi wonders out loud the consequences if Suyyash and Prince ever become captains. Pretending to check on Mandana who is asleep on the bed, Prince hugs Mandana – making her visibly uncomfortable.

Bigg Boss Day 11
Suyyash Rai and Prince Narula

Throwing yet another decision-making exercise at the contestants, Bigg Boss asks the worker team to come to a consensus about one Jodi who was instrumental in their loss. At this point, a clear rift between the two trios – Mandana-Keith-Rochelle and Prince-Suyyash-Kishwer is conspicuous. Neither of the sides is willing to reveal the name of the worst performers.

Majority of the house agrees that Keith and Mandana did not perform well blaming Mandana for having thrown her belt and mike aside. Rochelle immediately jumps to Keith and Mandana’s defence saying that Keith indeed did most of the work. This comment aggravates Prince and Suyyash and they begin justifying themselves, claiming that they did most of the work through the night.

Bigg Boss Day 11Rochelle has a war of words regarding her task performance.

Blaming Rochelle and Rimi for having wasted two hours in getting ready during the course of the task, Suyyash points a finger at the duo. Rochelle, irritated with Vikas for having ignored her inputs during the task, also gets agitated.

After the temperature of the house cools down, Kishwer is seen discussing with Suyyash and Prince that Rochelle’s over-protectiveness for Keith will backfire on her. Rimi separately explains to Rochelle the same logic outside. She suggests Rochelle to keep a cool mind and not hyperventilate when it comes to Keith because it could reflect badly on her.

Bigg Boss Day 11Kishwer Merchantt showing a placard with her name on it

Later, Bigg Boss announces that since Aman and Kishwer have won the Lagaan task, they will now compete for captaincy. A game of tug-of-war will decide the captains. The housemates will be divided into Team Kishwer and Team Aman and they get the liberty to pick sides. While Suyyash-Prince, Rochelle-Rimi, Vikas-Yuvika choose Kishwer’s side, Arvind, Keith and Digangana-Roopal root for Aman. Mandana is asked to supervise the game and is given the onus to announce the captain based on her fair decision.

Bigg Boss Day 11The house prepares for captaincy task

Mandana reveals to Keith that she would have liked to see Aman as the captain. Keith agrees saying that Aman is good at decision-making. When Rochelle says that she chose Kishwer because of Rimi, Mandana says it was a good thing because they must keep their enemies close.

Bigg Boss Day 11Team Kishwer 'tug it out' for the captaincy task

While the luxury budget for the week dictates that Aman and Kishwer will be the only rightful owners to the luxurious items, they play it smart and decide upon items which can be sustained for over a week. In this way, their housemates will also benefit from the win. The day closes with Mandana crying over feeling cornered and the rest of the housemates consoling her.

The drama has only just begun…

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