Bloody mess! Sewri cops ask victim to create fake copy of lost evidence

Feb 15, 2017, 10:15 IST | Suraj Ojha

Policewoman allegedly informed South Mumbai resident, that blood-stained shirt he submitted in attempt-to-murder case, had been misplaced and asked him to submit a new one after sprinkling blood on it

CCTV grabs of the assault on Ghag in December 2015
CCTV grabs of the assault on Ghag in December 2015

Crucial evidence misplaced? The relaxed Sewri police have just the idea on how to tackle this — create a new version.

A South Mumbai resident has alleged that he was recently called up by a policewoman who informed him that one item of evidence he had submitted in an attempt-to-murder case registered in December 2015 — his blood-stained shirt — had got lost, also giving the bizarre suggestion that he submit a new shirt after sprinkling blood on it.

South Mumbai resident Akash Ghag, whose blood-stained shirt was misplaced by the Sewri police
South Mumbai resident Akash Ghag, whose blood-stained shirt was misplaced by the Sewri police

The case
Akash Ghag (29) was allegedly beaten black and blue by some goons inside a garage in Sewri, where he was employed, in December 2015. The alleged motive was revenge as Ghag had given specific information about their oil trafficking activities, following which the Sewri police had busted the oil mafia.

"The mafia targeted me for giving information to the police; they beat me up badly in the garage I worked at. The whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera installed in the area. I was admitted in JJ hospital, while the Sewri police registered a case under Section 307 (attempt to murder) and other IPC sections," he said.
"The police had recovered several pieces of evidence from the spot — a steel container, a beer bottle, and my blood-soaked shirt."

Oops, sorry!
On February 11, a female sub-inspector from Sewri police station, Rekha Bange, called him up to inform him that his shirt had been misplaced.

"I was aghast. I couldn't imagine that how they could have goofed up on my case like this. Before I could say anything, she came up with a bizarre suggestion. She asked me to submit another shirt for the investigation after splashing it with my blood. I couldn't believe what I had heard," said Ghag, adding, "The evidence is supposed to be in the safe in the police station's storeroom.

Ghag inquired with other staffers at the police station and even tried to get in touch with the storeroom in-charge, assistant sub-inspector Londe.

Ghag said Londe told him that he had not been given any shirt in the case, only a steel container and a beer bottle. "'There is a possibility that the shirt must have got misplaced while shifting the storeroom as the premises was undergoing renovation', this is what he told me," the complainant added.

"Right from the start there has been delay in my case, with the police submitting the chargesheet three days late in court, because of which the accused got bail. Now, they have lost evidence; clearly, they are not conducting a proper investigation."

Additional commissioner of police Pratap Dighavkar told mid-day, "I have not received any complaint regarding the matter so far. If I get one, I will take action accordingly."

"I had a word with the investigating officer, who denied the allegation about evidence going missing; I am verifying the facts," said senior inspector, Sewri police station, Sudhir Nagve.

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