Bollywood filmmaker Aditya Chopra to make short film on dengue

Feb 08, 2015, 04:15 IST | Sachin Unhalekar

Aditya Chopra has contacted the BMC seeking statistical data about the disease. Civic chief says discussions are in progress

After losing his father, acclaimed filmmaker Yash Chopra, to dengue in 2012, director-producer Aditya Chopra plans to make a short film to create awareness about this disease among citizens. According to sources, he has contacted the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) seeking statistical data about dengue. Confirming the news, civic chief Sitaram Kunte told sunday mid-day, “Chopra approached us through one of his close associates. When he met me he said that they are planning to make a short film on dengue. They have asked us to provide them technical information about the disease.” However, clarifying the monetary aspects of this short video Kunte added, “We will provide them with all the necessary information but the cost of making the film will be incurred by them. The discussions are still on.”

Aditya Chopra
Aditya Chopra

Dengue virus is primarily
transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. According to BMC data, around 51 per cent of the breeding spots of mosquitoes were found in high-rises last year, indicating that people’s unhygienic habits encourage their breeding.

The BMC had stated that fresh water accumulation in Feng Shui plants, potted plants and broken tyres are major factors that lead to breeding of dengue mosquitoes.

“Four thousand Mumbaikars suffered from dengue in October 2014,” said a BMC official. In 2014, the BMC insisted that there had been around 700 dengue positive cases and 12 deaths in  2013.

Despite repeated attempts, Chopra was unavailable for comment.

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