Brit widow sees spirit of dead hubby on bedroom wall!

Sep 09, 2012, 07:05 IST | ANI

A terrified widow from North West England called for a priest to cleanse her "evil" house after she saw a stain suddenly appearing on her bedroom wall � and realised it was her late husband's face

Andrea Samuels said the strange shape on her wall and ceiling is her husband Brian, who died four years ago.

Hatke news, Brit widow sees spirit of dead hubby on bedroom wall!

The 41-year-old also claims her dead dog is calling for her beyond the grave in the bathroom of her home in Carlisle, Cumbria.

She called for Catholic priest Father Paul Dadson who used holy water to cleanse the property on Wednesday.

Father Dadson, of St Bede’s Catholic Church, confirmed the patches in the bedroom resembled a man and said there was also a figure in the ceiling, which resembled part of an animal.

Andrea, who believes the animal in her ceiling is her dead boxer Hoob, said her house has been the scene of numerous baffling events.

She claims brand new furniture has broken, pictures have fallen off walls and that she has suffered personal problems since the images first appeared.

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