Bruce Willis angry with daughters for cutting off Demi Moore

Jul 30, 2012, 13:26 IST | PTI

Actor is said to be furious with his daughters for having distanced themselves from their mother, Demi Moore, to get away from her emotional meltdowns

Demi Moore has been maintaining a low profile since she split from her husband Ashton Kutcher amid claims that he cheated on her, reported Showbizspy.

Bruce Willis
Pic/Santa Banta

And apparently her three daughters Rumer, Scout LaRue, Tallulah Belle have't been much of a support.

"Bruce is very disappointed in them, and he's been calling them spoiled and selfish. He doesn't understand why they are turning on their mom when, for the most part, she's been an incredibly supportive parent," a source said.

"He thinks they are being way too hard on Demi. He still really loves her, but he has a new wife and baby to look after so it's not as though he can do much for her," the source added. 

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