Car stereos go missing in 3 Kothrud hsg socities

Apr 23, 2013, 05:09 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

In a shocking incident, at least 15 car owners woke up to missing music systems from their cars at Erandwane yesterday morning

Some unidentified robbers allegedly stole music systems from at least 15 cars by cutting windowpanes in three different housing societies in Erandwane, Kothrud. The incidents took place during the wee hours of Monday, and none of the societies had CCTV cameras or security personnel despite warnings from the police officials.

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The incident came to light after owners of these cars found that the music systems were missing and rushed to the police station to lodge a complaint. Police officials said that the incidents took place in Daulat, Gururaj and Maha Ganesh housing societies in Erandwane. “In all the cases, suspects had cut the left window pane and decamped with the car’s music system. They used a cutter to remove the pane,” said API Dipali Jadhav, who is investigating the case.

Resident of Maha Ganesh society, Rupali Bhavsar (41), who was on her way to work, realized that her music system was missing and the thieves had removed the left pane of her vehicle. After enquiring in her society, Bhavsar came to know about others who were targetted in a similar fashion.

“We have taken down all the complaints, however it is difficult to track the suspects as none of the housing societies have installed CCTV cameras or had security guards present at the time of the incident,” Jadhav said. Jadhav also said that the police had issued notices to the housing societies asking them to set up cameras and install security guards after instances of chain snatching and fake policemen making rounds had taken place in the neighbourhood.  

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