Classic Rock can never die

Jul 08, 2014, 09:53 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Retro Legendary Act (RLA), a Pune-based Classic Rock band, will be performing in Pune this Thursday. the guide talked to the leading vocalist of the band, Vijay Joshi about the band's music and future plans

Formed way back in 2006 by five professional musicians with a hope to celebrate their love for Classic Rock, Retro Legendary Act (RLA) plays only covers by popular bands and artistes across the world. From Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams to Deep Purple, Scorpions, Van Halen, White Snake, Eric Clapton and Jim Morrison, the band plays them all.

The members of the band Retro Legendary Act (RLA)
The members of the band Retro Legendary Act (RLA) 

"We believe, Classic Rock is a type of music that will never go out of the mind of audience. It's a lot like Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi in Hindi music. They will never get old. Likewise, Classic Rock can never die," says Joshi. But that doesn't explain the band's disinclination towards making original songs.

Joshi states, "It's not that we cannot make originals. But I think, there is no point in playing originals unless you publish (release) them. People like to listen to bands like Coldplay and Green Day when it comes to Retro music.

Audiences like to listen to famous names. It's a vicious circle and unless you have got a name in the field, they won't listen to you keenly. But, of course, even we do our variations when it comes to playing covers."

Joshi says that though things are getting better for the younger lot of Indian musicians, a lot of them don't stick around for long. "Most of them are not fighting to survive. They form a band, do gigs for three to four months and then vanish. It is sad that music gets this treatment," he adds.

Apart from Joshi, the band comprises Chris Fonsca (guitar), Jenson Philip (keyboards), Vijay Murthy (bass) and Sanjay Pandkar (drums).

On July 10, 8.30 pm onwards
At Hard Rock Cafe, Koregaon Park Extension.
Call 67258888
Entry Rs 250, Rs 500 (cover)

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