Clause & effect of the Draft Sports Bill

Jul 11, 2013, 00:59 IST | Agencies

If the National Sports Development Bill is passed, all National Sport Federations (NSFs) will need to have the following clauses in their MOA/AOA or bye-laws:

> An office bearer shall retire at the age of 70 years

> Athletes nominated by the Athletes Commission shall be included in the decision making process of the executive body

> The total strength of the athletes in the executive body shall not be less than 25% of the voting rights

> Ensure that representation of either gender is not less than 10% of the membership in the General Body

> A person against whom criminal charges have been framed under the Criminal Procedure Code (section 228) shall be ineligible to contest elections;

> A person who has served as an officer bearer on the executive body of a NSF/NOC for two consecutive terms is ineligible to stand for election

> However, the President shall be eligible to hold office for 12 years or three terms of office of four years each with or without break. 

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