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Jul 24, 2012, 10:10 IST | Soma Das and Ruchika Kher

For all those harried souls juggling the demands of the workplace along with their attempt to "get a life", there's hope from the virtual world. Avail of these services to help you keep your home clean, get tickets to the latest events, shop for books at discounts and even, savour delicious preservative-free food

HOME} For hassle-free cleaners
Have little time to clean up your home, manufacturing plant, office or restaurant? Contact the Hammer & Mop crew who will ensure the clean-up is a pleasant, hassle-free experience. They offer vacuuming services, can assist while you are moving houses and clean up after celebrations. Their blog also mentions the funny and serious experiences of their team members. They have packages to keep your home / office clean; they also customise services (in case of a one-off cleaning service). They claim that they can even be contacted at the eleventh hour and still, get the job done. The service can be done when children or senior citizens are at home.
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BOOKS} Titles at discounts
Two friends Shiv Kapoor and Aneesh Satnaliwala had an unpleasant experience when they found a book they had ordered, available at a significantly cheaper price at another online store just a few days after buying it. The realisation left them thinking of ways to deal with this discrepancy in rates; from this was born This Ya That, a small idea, which was transformed into a business proposition. The website allows you to compare book prices posted on various e-commerce sites, to help you pick the best and the cheapest.
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FOOD} For a quick-fix meal
If you are too busy to cook, order for Heat2Eat’s homemade, ready-to-eat preservative-free meals. Their range of meals includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options. On offer are vegetarian snacks, dals, gravies and rice dishes including Parathas, Theplas, Rotis, Dalia, Fafda and Broken Wheat Mix, Regular and Jain Pav Bhaji. The food is vacuum-packed to retain the freshness and aroma for days. Here, items are dehydrated and dry packed in various sizes. They make for ideal options for students studying abroad, travellers and young working couples. Add hot water and heat the package. On the upside, the food can be prepared in 2-8 minutes, contains no preservatives, the packets’ contents can be used up to five months and the taste stays intact.
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FILM & THEATRE} Spare ticket, anyone?
Getting a ticket for a movie or a play when you want it the most isn’t always the easiest. But now it can become a reality. Bangalore-based product startup, Iglulabs, has conceptualised a site that comes to your rescue when you either have an extra ticket on you that you want to sell or want to get a ticket when the box office holds the houseful board. The service called lets you give away spare tickets at the last-minute or find one at any time. Currently, the service is available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore but the founders of the site are planning to launch a smartphone application soon, which will allow users to browse through the spare ticket list on their phone.
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