Cops de-stress at stress management workshop

Feb 06, 2014, 05:12 IST | Khushboo Ratda

35 police sub-inspectors from Navi Mumbai attended a stress management workshop to help them cope with the pressures faced on the job

Police officers seldom share their concerns relating to the stress they go through in their line of professional. Most of the time, this has had a disastrous outcome leading to cop suicides and even depression.

Stress therapy: Breathing exercises, power naps during work and how to keep one’s thoughts free of stress were discussed at the workshop

Attempting to change this, a workshop on stress management was organised for the Navi Mumbai Police officers on January 29.

It was conducted by Sarthak Dayama, the founder of Know Thyself, an organisation that specialises in workshops and training programmes.

The workshop started at 10:30 am and went on for about two hours. It was organised with the aim to understand and ease the tension police officers go through in their daily lives.

It was attended by police officers from Navi Mumbai at the Police Headquarters in CBD Belapur. More than 35 police sub-inspectors were at the sessions.

Various topics related to stress management were discussed. The workshop focused on how stress affects one’s life and how to deal with it. It took various exercises and demonstrations to connect with the topics discussed during the sessions. The session also included tips on how to be stress-free when on duty and when spending time with family members.

“Stress is dangerous to life and can cause high blood pressure and suicidal tendencies. My main motive of conducting this workshop was to help police officers, as they have huge work pressures when they are on duty. They have to deal with various incidents and stay on duty all the time for the safety of people,” said Dayama.

The ‘write’ way
The workshop also included handwriting analysis, a method used by Dayama to understand the behaviour of a person and reasons behind it.

Various writing styles were introduced to the cops as a method to relieve pressure. Breathing exercises, power naps during work and how to keep one’s thoughts free of stress were also talked about.

“I have also been part of meditation sessions and other related programmes. Stress has been very problematic to police officers and a change can be brought through such  stress management workshops. The main objective was to arrange this workshop was to bring about a change in them,” said Rajesh Tatkare, welfare in-charge of Police Headquarters at CBD Belapur.

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