Cricket stats man Sudhir Vaidya still counting at 75

Aug 15, 2013, 00:49 IST | Dhananjay Roy

When he began collecting and sifting through cricket statistics as a boy more than 60 years ago, little did Sudhir Vaidya know that it would not take long for this indulgence to turn into an obsession.

And as one of India’s best ever statisticians turns 75 today, Vaidya would not have wanted life to pan out in any other way than it actually has. “It has been a long, challenging yet most satisfying and rewarding innings for me,” Vaidya told MiD DAY from Pune yesterday.

Sudhir Vaidya
Up to date: Sudhir Vaidya at his Pune residence. Pic/Sachin Thakare

Maintaining accurate statistics requires the agility of the sharpest player on the cricket field, and that’s what Vaidya has managed to do for most part of his career that officially began about 57 years ago.

“I was fascinated with records. So I began collecting score-sheets of all the matches that were taking place. And today, I am proud of the fact that I possess one of the best ever compilations that one can hope for with regards to cricket records.”

Vaidya was a honourary statistician with the Board of Control for Cricket in India from 1984-85 to 1990-91 and again from 2002-03 to 2009-10. He also edited and compiled 15 Statistical Annuals during this period for the BCCI. Seven other voluminous books on domestic cricket were compiled and edited by him, on behalf of the Indian Board.

“I have had to work really hard to give these books their final shape. But if I were to point out two of my most memorable moments, they would be India’s tour of England in 1986 and the 2011 World Cup.

My life’s greatest dream was fulfilled when I entered Lord’s Cricket Ground during that tour of ’86, and then I was really honoured when I was named the chief statistician for the World Cup two years ago,” explained Vaidya. 

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