Crime in the newsroom

Jun 14, 2012, 10:10 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The book Newsroom Mafia reveals the fine line between fact and fiction in the newsroom

The Newsroom Mafia, a book by Oswald Pereira, was recently launched at Crosswords. “In the book, I have written my experiences as a journalist and about incidents that have affected my life.

The book cover of The Newsroom Mafia

This novel provides an insider’s view of the growing culture of planted news and reveals the fine line between fact and fiction in the newsroom. It’s a racy, compelling crime thriller,” said Oswald Pereira, about his first book.

Pereira has over 30 years of experience in journalism. In this novel, the veteran-journalist-turned-novelist captures the unholy alliance between the fourth estate, the underworld and the government.

Author Oswald Pereira at the book launch of The Newsroom Mafia

The plot revolves around supercop, Donald Fernandez who declares an all-out war against the invincible don Narayan Swamy. The don fights back with a formidable Mafia — a private army of armed thugs and a motley gang of corrupt police officers, backed by powerful politicians. What follows is a battle of raw power, sleaze, wits and dirty tactics by both the law breakers and the law enforcers blurring boundaries between good and evil. To save his skin, the don fires his most lethal weapon — the newsroom mafia.

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