Cyber law to enter textbooks soon?

Jan 30, 2012, 07:26 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Higher education dept and cyber experts to discuss introducing subject in educational and judicial institutions

Higher education dept and cyber experts to discuss introducing subject in educational and judicial institutions

Keeping in account the importance of the cyber world in practical life today, the state government is considering instructing students of academic, police and judicial studies in cyber law, so they are aware of the pitfalls of using the internet and are safe from online security breaches. The higher education department will soon hold a meeting with cyber law experts, lawyers and educationists to discuss the inclusion of Cyber Law in the course curriculum. 

Keeping with the times: Experts concur that computer knowledge is 
important for the police as well as pupils as online fraud cases are on 
the rise in the country 

A letter has been sent by cyber law expert Bina Tendulkar and former dean for law at Mumbai University Dr Vijay Chitnis to explore the subject's scope in the context of education. Cyber law has become an important aspect of study in the country after the IT Act, 2000. After an increasing instance of cyber crimes, some colleges have begun offering a separate diploma in the subject.

Said Tendulkar, "We have given a letter to the higher education department, asking it to include cyber law in the fields of academics, judicial studies and in the police department. A committee needs to be formed to discuss the issue. We will hold a meeting on February 15 with experts, lawyers and other authorities in the subject, and are expecting a positive response."

Anila Pillai, vice principal of HR College, which offers a 10-day course in cyber crime management, said, "It is very important to learn cyber law because of the high usage of the Internet. Computer security is crucial as cases of online banking fraud and theft are on the rise in the country. It will be a good move if the government thinks of expanding the scope of this subject."

An official from the higher education department said on the condition of anonymity, "We have received a letter from cyber law expert Bina Tendulkar, elaborating on the need to expand the subject of cyber law. A meeting has been scheduled for the same in the coming days."

IT Acts
The Information Technology Act, 2000 addresses the following issues:
>> Legal Recognition of Electronic Documents
>> Legal Recognition of Digital Signatures
>> Offenses and Contraventions
>> Justice Dispensation Systems for Cyber crimes

ITAA, 2008 (Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008) has provided additional focus on information security. It has added several new sections on offences including cyber terrorism and data protection.

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