Dadar, Kurla railway stations set for image makeover

Mar 23, 2014, 05:21 IST | Shashank Rao

Escalators, elevated roads, space for a bus terminus and hawker-free entry points will make these stations swanky 

Elevated roads leading right up to the station, inter-connected foot over bridges (FOBs), mini-malls above platforms, escalators and swanky new ticketing counters — these are just some features that the Dadar and Kurla stations soon boast of, according to senior railway officials.

Dadar station
Graphic/Amit Bandre

Here’s what will be on offer at both the stations:

Dadar: to be remodeled at Rs 136 crore
The new plan makes space for an elevated road especially for taxis and vehicles coming to Dadar station. This will come up on the east side of the station opposite Swami Narayan Temple. Inter-connected FOBs will also be constructed over a total of 16,150 sq metres. A new 1,955 square metre space will be created for shops above the platforms as well. Twenty-seven scalators will be constructed between platforms and at entry/
exit points.

Kurla: to be remodelled at R50 crore
Railway officials are planning 10,460 square metres of interconnected FOBs at Kurla station. More ticketing space and a separate area for shops will also be created as part of the redevelopment plan. An additional plot of land will be created for a bus terminus. Like Dadar, 27 escalators will be constructed here as well.

Kurla and Dadar railway stations: Proposal for convenient inter-modal movement

Dadar: Proposed skywalk on central side for construction of trespass-free pedestrian movement
Kurla: Proposed skywalk on western side for easy passenger movement

Dadar: Hawkers to be removed from under the flyover on the western line
Kurla: Hawkers to be removed from the western area in front of the station

Dadar: Hawkers to be removed from the BMC FOB on southern side
Kurla: Hawkers to be removed from the BMC FOB at the north end

Escalator: The escalators are already part of few railway stations in Mumbai. As part of the redesign, these ‘moving steps’ will connect the platforms, the concourse above it and FOBs too

Dadar: The BMC FOB to be converted for passenger convenience

Dadar: Proposed interconnections between FOBs/decks to avoid trespassing

Shopping Centre: All the small shops will be replaced by bigger ones. The platforms will be given a breather and shops will be built on the concourse above, thus allowing people to shop and leave

New Platforms: These will be more open and fuller, thus giving more access for people to walk, replacing the existing congested ones. People only need to take the escalators and steps and then move out

Dadar: On the walls of the flyover in the western side, public artwork may be done to showcase the city’s culture and make the entry to the station more welcoming

Kurla: Over head equipment depot area proposed for dismantling on western side

Kurla: Traffic management for bus-stop on the eastern side for smooth passenger flow

Dadar: Proposed subway from parcel office to platform

Dadar: Proposed separate one-way taxi lane for accessing the terminus

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