Daring heist at closed Mumbai store by six women caught on camera

Jul 20, 2013, 09:25 IST | Shiva Devnath

The Rs 2.5 lakh heist was captured on CCTVs located outside the store's entrance

A gang of six women carried out a brazen robbery in broad daylight, pulling open a clothes store shutter at just enough width for the youngest member of their gang to crawl through, and then decamping with Rs 2.5 lakh in cash from the store’s cash drawer.

Rafat Hussain
The victim: Rafat Hussain outside his shop

The incident took place at the Mannat Ethnic Designer Studio located at Juhu Road in Santacruz (W) on Monday at 7 am. One of the gang members was even seen carrying a toddler in her arms for the job.

The six women, including a baby in the arms of one of them, arrive at the store at 6.52 am

All five women park themselves in front of the store’s entrance, resting against the shutter, while the sixth woman sits in front of them on the steps

Four days after they carried out the daring robbery, the police are yet to trace the salwar-kameez clad gang despite the entire goings-on being caught on the store’s CCTV cameras.

After some time, while three women pull the shutter from down, two of their accomplices shield them by spreading open their dupattas

The youngest member of the group takes off her dupatta and gets ready to sneak into the store, while the two women hold the shutter wide enough for her to enter

Senior Police Inspector at Santacruz police station Arun Chavan said, “We believe the gang is not from Mumbai. It’s a shocking robbery, and it’s the first time we have witnessed an all-women gang doing something like this. We have registered a case and are trying to get some leads.”

With the girl inside, the others scatter in different directions while one of them continues to stay put on the steps to keep a watch

The woman leaves the entrance only to return with another accomplice. With one concealing her with the dupatta, the other smuggles a torch to the girl inside

The robbery came to light after the shop owner Rafat Hussain received a call on Monday morning from one of his employees informing him that the drawer had been yanked and cash was missing. He rushed to the shop and later informed the local police.

After dispersing, two women station themselves at the store’s entrance to keep guard, while two sit at a little distance from the store

After receiving a signal from the girl inside, the women gather at the entrance and cover the girl coming out. The girl sneaks out with the booty in a plastic bag

After scanning the CCTV footage from the shop’s entrance, Hussain was baffled watching the entire robbery unfold on the screen, which was planned meticulously with all the members coordinating their actions to deter attention to perfection. 

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