Death on tracks in Mumbai: Man falls between wheels of moving train

Feb 01, 2016, 11:15 IST | Shashank Rao

In a shocking incident, a man lost his life in Mumbai while trying to catch a running train at Dadar station early Saturday morning. The disturbing episode was captured on CCTV

Incidents of death on tracks in Mumbai refuse to cease. On January 30, 10 people lost their lives and four were grievously injured. One among the deceased was Shafiudeen Abdul Gani (43), who lost his life while trying to catch a running train on early Saturday morning.

Disturbing video. Viewers discretion is advised

The incident occurred on platform 1 of Dadar station on the Central Railway at around 5.40 am. The Railway Police officials said that the CCTV footage shows Gani carrying two bags along with two burqa-clad women and walking towards the train standing on the platform.

The three tried to climb the first door after the motorman coach, but it was too crowded. So they headed to the neighbouring door, but by then the train started moving. The two women jumped inside the moving train but Gani, who held the two bags on his right hand, and held the pole with the other, struggled to enter the coach.

The train soon caught speed and Gani reached the end of platform next to the FOB and fell in the gap. The CCTV footage shows him falling right between two wheels of the moving train, as shocked commuters walked past.

Gani was rushed to Sion hospital, but was declared dead on arrival at 7:50 am. The GRP has registered an accidental death report in the incident.

In 2014, a girl named Monika More lost both her arms while trying to board a running local at Ghatkopar and fell in to a pit at the station.

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