Debt-ridden man attempts suicide

Mar 11, 2013, 01:22 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Unable to repay the loan taken to purchase his tourist vehicle due to decrease in earnings, a 35-year-old man tried to commit suicide by pouring diesel and setting himself on fire.

The incident took place at Mahavir Chowk in Chinchwad on Saturday evening. However, a traffic constable Vinayak Kokane, who was manning the junction, with the help of some members of the public overpowered him and rushed him to the hospital thereby averting a fatal tragedy.

Police said that driver Navnath Bansode while pouring the diesel on his body consumed a bit of the fuel and hence taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to Pimpri police, Bansode purchased an SUV on loan to use it as a tourist vehicle. However, the business diminished in the last few years and he was unable to repay the loan. Frustrated with the piling debt, he decided to take the extreme step.

“On Saturday, Bansode arrived at Mahavir Chowk, stopped his vehicle, stepped out, and started screaming that he has become debt-ridden since he was unable to earn enough through his tourist vehicle,” said PSI Pallavi Zarzurne of Pimpri police station.

She added that within a few seconds, he took out some fuel from the vehicle’s tank and poured it onto his body and in the process also consumed some fuel.

“Bystanders were terrified with the turn of events and called traffic constable Kokane. With the help of the public, Kokane overpowered him and took the remaining diesel from his hands. He was later rushed to the hospital since he drank some fuel,” said Zarzurne. “We have booked him under section 309 (attempt to suicide) for his act and he will be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital,” said Zarzurne. 

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