Designer gets back saris from police

Sep 26, 2013, 01:19 IST | Shiva Devnath

After reading the report in MiD DAY, the Santacruz police have returned designer Rohit Verma's his collection of saris that had been stolen from his office, and was in their custody

The Santacruz police on Wednesday returned the collection of saris to Rohit Verma that was in their possession since July 23.

Stolen and retrieved: The collection of saris stolen from Rohit Verma’s office, which the police returned to him on Wednesday

On July 17, the clothing was stolen from Verma’s store by his newly-appointed security guard, Akash Singh. In the theft, apart from the apparel, a laptop and an iPad belonging to his sister Anupama, and some jewellery were also stolen.

Click to view: Rohit Verma waits for cops to release stolen couture

MiD DAY report on September 23

A few days later, Verma received a call from a taxi driver in Powai, who had been sold the saris by another man for a pittance.

The driver returned the designer wear, worth Rs 1.15 lakh each, to Verma, who then handed over the collection to the police to help with the investigation.

But even after the court formalities were completed, Verma, who was waiting to showcase them at an upcoming fashion event, still didn’t get his clothes back. Every time he went to the police station to enquire about them, he would have to turn back empty-handed, as the concerned officer would be absent.

But after reading the MiD DAY report on September 23 (‘Rohit Verma waits for cops to release stolen couture’), the police immediately contacted Verma. “After reading the MiD DAY report, I got a call from Santacruz police station, asking me to come collect my clothes. I got them immediately after signing the receipt,” said the designer.

Verma had opened the store in Santacruz seven months ago.

Rs 1.15 lakh
What each sari was worth 

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