DJ Hardwell ahead of Mumbai concert: Indian music has a lot of passion

Nov 14, 2017, 09:01 IST | Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari

Ahead of his gig in Mumbai, DJ Hardwell on why the country holds a special place in his heart

With every visit, DJ Hardwell admits that he has been left mesmerised by India and its rich culture. But his impending trip to the country is all the more special as the world-renowned DJ will hit the stage for a cause. He will be the headlining act at GuestList4Good, a charity concert that will be held in Mumbai on December 3.

DJ Hardwell
DJ Hardwell

Looking forward to performing for his Indian fans who are "the strongest supporters of my music," Hardwell tells mid-day about the set he has prepared for the Mumbai gig, what he loves about his Indian fans and more.

You've visited India a few times over the last decade. Have you seen the audience's sensibilities towards EDM change?
Absolutely! Indians are crazy about dance music. I'm looking forward to seeing EDM aficionados at my gig. I'm glad that so many of them are supporting the cause [the funds collected from the show will go towards the education of underprivileged children] through electronic music.

You've often stated that Indian music is emotional. Can you elaborate?
There's passion in the music I've heard in India. That comes from emotions... That's what makes the music of India so distinctive. I love the music and its cultural connections.

Have any young Indian artistes attracted your attention lately?
I enjoy the work of Sartek, who released his latest creation on my music label. DJ Shaan will be joining me on stage during my gig in December. I like how these two DJs are finding their own path and breaking through now.

What have you planned for the Mumbai gig?
I've made a special set for the show, which includes a lot of new music. I want to create something that lasts in the memory of those at the gig and those tuning in from around the world.

Your win against Carl Cox at the DJ Awards in Ibiza a couple of months ago generated a lot of buzz. How does it feel?
Carl Cox is a legend. He's a nice guy and I enjoy his sets. But, of course, I am happy to win the award because the fans voted for me.

Tell us about your new projects.
I am currently promoting my latest single with KSHMR, called Power. I recently put out my collaboration with Afrojack, called Hands Up, which has been a big favourite with the fans in my shows. I also released the eighth edition of the Hardwell Presents Revealed compilation series. It's been a good few months in the studio and I have a lot of new material to offer.

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