Do the Dada

May 27, 2014, 09:09 IST | Dhara Vora

If they aren't spinning records, they are making crazy records (they hold the record for the world's largest pillow fight). Meet Swedish DJ-duo Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, better known as Dada Life, who will perform in Mumbai with a promise to make the crowd go bananas

Q. You have always said you love bananas as they work as good bar food. But they have become your identity now. How important are bananas and champagne to Dada Life?
A. It’s a good combination if you want to keep going all night. It lets us do the Dada!

Q. What are the projects that you are currently working on? When will we see a new album?
A. Right now, we’re finishing our next single: One Smile. We will also release an album — at least some sort of an album — this summer or early fall. Also, we’re working on something called Dada Land: The Voyage Tour, which is the World’s First DJ Tour via Hot Air Balloon. We wanted to do something different so we thought about the hot air balloon as a different way of touring. It is also going to be a musical voyage with us playing the opening set early in the night with classic stuff — and then ending the whole thing with all the latest music! We just hope someone has figured out how to steer that thing so we can land in time for our set...

Q. What do you prefer more though, touring or producing music in a studio?
A. You can’t take away one of them. You need the touring to get inspiration to make new music. But if we would only tour, we would go crazy. The studio is our home.

Q. What do you plan to do on your trip to India (and your visit to Mumbai)?
A. Get some good street food and check out other local stuff. We’re not big on sightseeing but like to walk around new cities to get a vibe of the place.

Q. Like the pillow fight world record, do you have plans for another such crazy record?
A. We have our plans, but it’s too early to reveal them. We have decided to keep that record, so if someone comes along and do a bigger fight we’re ready to beat them again. That record is ours.

Q. Currently, which countrydo you feel has a great music scene for both artistes and listeners ?
A. It isn’t about countries anymore. Sometimes, you meet a producer you like and begin talking to you, and realise he’s from Australia while you thought he was American. Or even Swedish! Haha!

On June 8
At PleasureDome, The Lalit, Sahar Airport Road. For tickets

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