Do you know the reason behind the name HTC U Ultra?

Feb 26, 2017, 15:33 IST | A correspondent

Powered with artificial intelligence, coupled with sense companion technology, this device makes you feel more important

A new HTC with a different name?
The HTC U Ultra has been so named because of its focus on you, the user. This is due to the use of Artificial Intelligence powered Sense Companion that is said to adapt and learn user behaviour, delivering a unique experience.

So, what is this Sense Companion?
HTC claims that the AI will customise itself in accordance with how the user interacts with the device. An initial set- up is required to train it, which involves manually adding your favourite contacts and apps. Subsequently, it will automatically sort it out for you. This can be anything from leaving work early if bad weather has been forecast to reminding you to take a power bank for longer trips.

This is kind of cool and scary at the same time.
Prepare yourself a bit more then. The second ticker- style display right next to the front camera at the top will also present notifications and alerts based on people you communicate with the most. HTC calls it the Priority Screen. Plus built- in voice recognition will accept commands from you and respond even when it’s asleep. This way using your voice you can accept or reject calls, send messages, snooze or dismiss alarms and even navigate the UI.

Help! The AI overlords are taking over!
Oh, don’t be so melodramatic. It’s more of a future forward device, which can be seen from the implementation of four highsensitivity omni- directional microphones that capture positional sound in videos and audio recordings. Long story short, you can record sound in 360 degrees without any muffling.

How do the cameras benefit?
The 12MP rear camera is based on the one used in the HTC 10 and improves upon it by adding new Phase Detection AutoFocus ( PDAF) and a faster laser focus. The new selfie camera lets you switch between 16 MP and UltraPixel mode which is four times more sensitive to light than standard mode.

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