Drumming up a storm

Sep 09, 2013, 07:03 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Varun Venkit is a percussionist, drummer, clinical psychologist and a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. He has always been interested in using drums as a form of therapy. Encouraged by positive feedback on the effects of Drum Circles, he aims to continue using rhythm to heal

Therapeutic connect
City people have accepted drum circles full-heartedly. It has been appreciated a lot and this can be seen from the attendance of people to our events. We have quite a few upcoming events in the city. One of them is a 10-hour drumming marathon that we will be conducting on September 15. Talking about how therapeutic drumming is, we could say that people are knowingly or unknowingly getting benefitted by it and music therapy is surely helping them one way or the other.

Varun Venkit

Need for more live performance venues?
There are a lot of pubs and venues for music but there has not been an increase in live-performance opportunities.  That’s because of a lack of awareness of the new venue owners in terms of the kind of music that they want to promote and also the lack of enough incentive for them to do so, considering all the laws on live performances and entertainment.  This makes it difficult for venue owners and promoters to go all out with their concepts. 

Freedom of choice
In Pune everyone has the freedom to do what they are passion about. Hence, I feel it’s just a matter of time and awareness that the scene for drum circles develops in the city further.

The Pune chapter of the largest Drum Circle in the world will take place on September 21 at Coccoparra, Mundhwa Kharadi.

Taal Inc.’s West- African drumming module organises beginners’ classes every Sunday at Baner and Muziclub, Kalyaninagar.  

To participate, call 9595680886.

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