Salman Khan will fulfill the wish of world's heaviest woman Eman

Feb 15, 2017, 16:07 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

Salim Khan tells mid-day his superstar son Salman Khan, will meet Eman Ahmed Abdulati after an official request; she is watching songs from 'Kick', 'Dabangg' and 'Sultan' while awaiting surgery

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan is no stranger to requests for one-on-ones from fans. And Egyptian national Eman Ahmed Abdulati will soon find her heart's desire fulfilled — the actor will meet her as soon as an official request is sent to him.

Eman (37), touted as the world's heaviest woman at 500 kg, had expressed the desire to meet the star soon after her arrival in the city on February 11 for a life-saving bariatric procedure.

Eman Ahmed Abdulati will soon meet her heartthrob
Eman Ahmed Abdulati will soon meet her heartthrob

mid-day had on Monday reported that Eman (37) has been devouring Hindi movies in her special 1,000-sqft room at Saifee Hospital, especially those of the three Khans of Bollywood — Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman. But of the three, Salman has become her favourite. She had also expressed the desire through her bariatric surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, for a meeting with the actor.

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Official request awaited
Salman's father and veteran screenwriter Salim Khan has said the actor would meet Eman as soon an official request from Saifee Hospital is received. "We have learnt of her desire. Salman will certainly meet her. An actor would to go to any lengths to fulfil the desire of such a patient. But so far, we haven't received any official request from the hospital. As soon as we receive one, Salman will go to meet her."

Salman was not available for comment despite repeated attempts.

On being passed on the message, Dr Lakdawala, who is also the Khan family's physician, said he would send out an official request soon. "If Salimji has said yes, then I will certainly message Salman, requesting him for a meeting with Eman."

Movie buff
Eman, who had been bedridden for 25 years, was flown into Mumbai on February 11 to help tackle her massive obesity.

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Ever since she was admitted to Saifee Hospital on Charni Road, she's developed a taste for Bollywood music and films. "Even though she can't understand the language, she likes the beats of the music. So, when I asked her whom she liked the most, she pointed at the three Khans. When I asked of the three who's her favourite, she said Salman's name," said Dr Lakdawala. Her favourite songs are all from Salman-starrers, too: Jumme ki raat (Kick), and from Dabangg and Sultan.

Eman has been put on a strict weight loss regimen, under the watchful eyes of 14 specialists, to lose 200 kg in the next six months. Any call on a bariatric surgery will be taken only after she loses 50-80kg and shows signs of improvement in her kidney and liver functions. She is currently on a liquid diet and is under passive physiotherapy.

Eman gets a 'kick' from Sallu flick
Eman Abdulati loves the three Khans of Bollywood, but it's the 'eternal bachelor' — Salman Khan — who has her heart. The Egyptian national has been devouring movies of actors Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan since she made the 1,000-sq ft room at Saifee Hospital her home for at least the next six months. Her favourite Hindi film song is 'Jumme ki raat' from Salman-starrer 'Kick'.

Made time for these fans

  • In 2015, Salman had met a fan from Pakistan, Adbul Basit, who had arrived in Mumbai for a liver transplant. Basit had expressed the desire to meet his fave actor during his stay in the city.
  • A year prior to that, the actor met Shakila, an Afghani domestic violence victim whose ears, nose and eyes had been shot by her husband. "While undergoing treatment, she expressed her desire to meet Salman, who went to meet her, motivated her and also took her out shopping. So, Salman will also meet Eman, if it makes her happy," said Salman's father, Salim.

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