Four Mumbai school kids nab chain snatcher, hand him over to police

Jul 25, 2015, 13:00 IST | Sagar Rajput

The Std IX students were on their way to school when they heard a woman’s cry for help around 6.30 am yesterday; while two of the boys chased, pinned down the thief, the other two rushed to inform cops

In an exhibition of extraordinary courage, four schoolkids chased and nabbed a chain snatcher in Chembur. Not just that, the boys ensured that the thief landed behind bars.

Bravehearts: (Left to right) Ajay Patil, Salman Khan, Vijay Patil and Anil Sathe. Pic/ Suresh K K
Bravehearts: (Left to right) Ajay Patil, Salman Khan, Vijay Patil and Anil Sathe. Pic/ Suresh K K

According to the Tilak Nagar police, Salman Khan (15), Vijay Patil (15), Ajay Patil (15) and Anil Sathe (13), were on their way to Chembur BMC school around 6.30 am yesterday, when they heard a woman’s cry for help.

Narrating the incident, Vijay said, “We were on our way to school when we heard a woman shouting ‘chor, chor’. The moment we turned to see who it was, the thief ran past us. It was Salman and I who chased and nabbed him.”

Behind bars: Chain snatcher Ashraf Sheikh
Behind bars: Chain snatcher Ashraf Sheikh

Furthering Vijay’s narration, Salman said while they pinned down the thief, Ajay and Anil rushed to the nearest police station to get the cops. However, they noticed a patrolling van nearby and intimated the officers in it. “Meanwhile, passers-by came to our aid and helped us detain the thief,” he added.

Vijay’s twin brother Ajay said that some of their school friends thought that they were in trouble. However, all the misunderstandings were cleared after the school authorities and police officials felicitated the quartet.

When asked how their parents reacted, Anil said, “Our parents are proud of us. Even we are happy that we helped the police nab a thief. Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police was present at the felicitation ceremony.”

Cops recovered the gold chain from the accused Ashraf Sheikh (21), who confessed to committing similar crimes in the areas that fall under the jurisdiction of Govandi police station. The woman, Sheikh targeted yesterday, was a Govandi resident.

Senior inspector Bhagwat Sonawane from Tilak Nagar police station said, “We have been holding meetings with the locals, which has helped us. We are grateful to the boys, who showed extraordinary courage and nabbed the chain snatcher. The accused is in our custody.”

Sheikh was booked under Section 392 (robbery) of the Indian Penal Code and will remain in police custody over the weekend.

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