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Jan 24, 2016, 06:19 IST | Benita Fernando

Next Sunday, The Gentlemen's Club is all set to introduce you to debonair charm

If the words cigars and malts conjure up heavenly images of Cary Grant or Sean Connery in immaculate suits, then you are in right company. Reserve your place at The Gentlemen’s Club, taking place at Havana Café and Bar, Colaba, on January 31, for everything you wanted to know about the finer aspects of life, but were too shy to ask.

“The cigar tasting sessions is where you can get to know how to roll a cigar or even how to smoke one,” says Ashwin Choitharamani, the organiser. For example, did you know that you should never stub out a cigar the way you do with cigarettes? “Stubbing a cigar is plain disrespectful. When you are done with a cigar, and want to save the rest for later, you just leave it the way it is. It will put itself out,” says Choitharamani. If that isn’t revelation enough, as part of the cigar tastings, the Club will have incubators so that flavours don’t mix. Consider it room for every cigar, a la class.

From cigar tastings, you can move on to single malts. The Gentlemen’s Club will also help you gauge food pairings with malts, just the way you do with wine. And, if you are expecting friends to ring you for that game of soccer or cricket, well, it will just have to wait. Absolutely no answering calls when you are in this all-important suave quarters.

The evening also includes some handy tips on grooming, and we are told there is also going to be an in-house boutique where you can put your new man-skills to the test. And keeping things stylish, The Gentlemen’s Club will close with jazz. Oh, and ladies, you are totally invited too. “The Gentlemen’s Club is a response to ladies’ nights that happen across town. There are several ladies out there who want to know more about single malts and cigars as well,” says Choitharamani. Here’s the long list of what’s not allowed in the Club: those denims you so love, your sneakers, and that old attitude.

WHEN: January 31, 4 – 9 PM
WHERE: Havana Café and Bar, Gordon House Hotel, Apollo Bunder, Colaba  
ENTRY: Rs 2,500 
CALL: 22894488

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